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About change

Why is it so difficult to change? Why you probably do not want to read more after reading a few lines?

Very few people at this point does not have the knowledge at least subconsciously, that something is going wrong. This crisis is like no other. Is obvious it's impact on our ecosystem, global warming, pollution, but especially palpable in the most direct terms, social unrest, the economic crisis. Many are already aware of the consequences of our excesses. Growth has limits, and we have overshoot, and now beginning to pay the consequences.

It is obvious, and I will speak more about it in another article, when you explain these problems to people, they enter in a phase of denial. Most often, we shield ourselves with all kinds of excuses, or just change the TV channel, or as lately just wait for someone to make the law, others will solve the problem. As a friend of mine thinks, at least in the West live in a permanent adolescence, we behave like children, wayward children and we do not understand any limit, we don't want to know where our trash ends, how that was manufactured, etc.. We want to continue dreaming of our 300hp car, with our 60" TV, etc.. The reality is, that in the future, it will be slower, smaller, poorer. As nobody wants to accept, because we behave like a child who is hides behind a curtain, you see the feet, but he thinks of himself as invisible.

Behind the curtain

There is no place where you can hide, nor escape, we are all interrelated, everything is interconnected. I used to believe we had a free market, but there is no such thing, at least not free in the sense that it is infinite. We can't pump an unlimited amount of oil from the earth's crust, nor gold, nor silver, nor anything else. Our economy is a subset of the earth's economy, and not vice versa as we pretend to believe. In nature, man is no the only animal that behaves like if an infinite market is there, a plague of locusts for example behaves similarly. The problem with this attitude is that it usually doesn't end well.

To avoid the worst consequences involves a lifestyle change, which is definitely one of the main reasons for our inaction. We like our selfish lifestyle, in fact, we are all conditioned to do so since childhood. We have to unlearn it and it is not easy. Our generation and the immediate after are won't reach the stars, but will have to deal with more mundane tasks. We have to repair and heal the planet, our psyche and our ethics between us and our environment. And these aren't small tasks, in fact the circumstances in which we'll begin to react, will be the biggest challenge for humanity ever.

And where are you now? You still behind the curtain? Your curtain does not make you invisible. Some of us are ready to play some cards that have the best way to solve the problem in most fair way for everyone.

I recommend you to check the media linked in this web to know more about the subject.