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Lost. Completely lost.

While we are blaming politician and bankers and perceive only small parts of the problem, the great crisis unfolds. The crisis of the 3 E's:

  1. Ecological. Depletion of mineral resources, fisheries, trees, etc, etc. Peak Everything. Exceeding the capacity of the planet, overshoot. Global warming. Pollution. Extinctions.
  2. Energy. Peak Oil. Inability to continue exponential growth in energy consumption. Food and economic model completely dependent on abundant cheap energy.
  3. Economic. The actual economic system needs exponential growth to continue. Exponential debt. Economy based in leverage, accumulation without limits (for some) rather than something functional. Business-As-Usual.

Negative influences

Political and economic corruption of elites. Misidentification of 3 E's. Media manipulation. Short-term policies. Lack of values, moral crisis, this could be a 4th E, Ethics. Etc.

I'm sorry, but while good, the crisis will not be solved by removing some official cars, or lowering the politicians incomes, but of course that may help.

We need to recognize this and make a profound change model that has brought us this far. But if we do not recognize the symptoms forget start solving this problem.